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My Healthy Journey: Traveling Stress

This piece was originally written for Health Alliance’s Blog and features information about Health Alliance’s products and services. Visit that site for more on my healthy journey and many more health and insurance subjects.

The end of April and beginning of May might be the craziest month-long stretch I’ve ever planned for myself. I will be battling traveling stress each week with almost no downtime in between.

First, I spent a weekend with loved ones around Indy, going to the zoo and shopping. Then, my mom, sister-in-law, and I went on a big weekend trip to New York City to see a Broadway show. The next weekend, I’m headed to Chicago to visit some old friends. The 2 weekends after that, I’m driving home for events, and then the weekend after that, I’m off to Seattle.

No matter what, traveling is stressful, so to get through it, I’m trying to plan ahead, stay on top of things, make the healthiest decisions I can on the go, and enjoy the moments of fun that are the whole point of traveling in the first place.

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A Little Bit of Italy

This is a series of pages I did with a group in a class this past year.  It is a travel magazine we invented that took one exotic location or big city a month and made that issue a one stop-shop for vacationing there, including budgeted to luxury options, from hotels and sites to food.  We wanted it to be the kind of magazine that people would save all the issues of to use as they traveled the world.  This concept and the research was put together with a group, but the pages’ designs were all mine.  The issue that we created for the class focused on beautiful Barcelona.

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