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My Healthy Journey: Eating Mindfully with Rally

This piece was originally written for Health Alliance’s Blog and features information about Health Alliance’s products and services. Visit that site for more on my healthy journey and many more health and insurance subjects.

Eating Mindfully

I’ve recently started a new diet (which you’ve seen some pictures of if you follow me on Instagram). I am doing a cleanse of sorts with it, and I will eventually be taking some supplements, but the point is really about developing a better relationship with food.

That is what the eating mindfully challenge from Rally, our wellness tool, is really all about. It asks you to stop and think before you eat that morning donut from the break room.

So, the rules of what I’m doing food-wise are pretty simple. I’m eating breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, dinner, and I can have another evening snack if I need it. (As a person who was eating maybe two meals a day and can’t really have dessert, I pretty much never need it.)

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A Case Study in Bad Horror

Raw Meat, also known as Death Line, is a movie I’d put into my Netflix queue from the horror section quite some time ago, quite possibly months as I put more movies in than I get to watch generally. But somewhat recently, I’d stumbled on to a list of horror movies that they argued were the best you’d never seen, something I love, and Raw Meat was on it.

Now, originally, I thought I had completely forgotten how I’d seen this magic, but upon some thought, I remembered, and if you go here, you will find IMDB’s list of the top 40 horror movies you’ve never seen part 2, with Raw Meat at number 22. Strangely, the list goes to 45. I should’ve known when I realized they couldn’t even count… Here is the trailer, which I had never seen before watching the movie, so you have a better warning than I:

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