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My Healthy Journey: Reading and Writing for Your Health

This piece was originally written for Health Alliance’s Blog and features information about Health Alliance’s products and services. Visit that site for more on my healthy journey and many more health and insurance subjects.

I’ve said it before on here, but I’ve always loved reading, and I’m not always very good at making time for it. I read a lot of news but not that many actual books anymore. Funny, because I don’t have any furniture in my apartment, besides the books on books.

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The Cabin in the Woods

Originally, I had not wanted to see this movie at all. Normally, the only movies I bother to see in the movie theatre are horror movies because they’re my favorite and because I’m poor, but most horror movies have been a ridiculous flop lately.

The last one I saw in theatres and truly enjoyed was Fright Night, and since then I have been to a number to no avail. I saw Apollo 18, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Paranormal Activity 3, The Devil Inside, and The Woman in Black all to little avail. The Woman in Black offered some legitimate scares, and was in no way laughable. Even Daniel Radcliffe’s acting was worthwhile, however it followed so common a horror movie formula, rather closely creating a sort of old-timey version of The Ring, to the point that it was a bit of a yawn. Not to mention, that this trailer for The Cabin in the Woods combined with their main advertising image was leaving me uninterested to say the least.

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