I’m a digital writer and designer, social media manager, and obsessor of all things culture, especially movies, music, books, sports, tech, and news.

I’ve been a Web Content Developer since July 2014 with Health Alliance, working to manage our online brand, style, and content.

I’m also an analytical thinker, I like letting data drive progress, and I would love to grow my skills and my career in the tech industry.

I’m currently looking for career opportunities in a fast-paced, tech environment. I would love to continue on a content development path; however, I would also embrace the chance to write for digital platforms, including websites, social media, or apps. Most importantly, I’m looking for the opportunity to expand my skill set within web development.

Check out my portfolio and resume at arshields.com or contact me with questions or career opportunities at (217) 714-4134 or arshields7@gmail.com.