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Today, our new websites launched! (Feel free to marvel at their beauty at  and, you know, if you’re into awesome health insurance websites.) Which means I will have time to worry about being healthy again!

Despite the craze that has been the last nine days, (which has felt like one really looonnng week,) I have actually done okay with my goals this week.

My teeth have definitely reduced the amount I’m eating, but I have been successfully food-tracking. Eatly, the app I used to help last week, was really not my favorite. You upload a picture of your food, and then other people rank its health to give you a rating of your food. It also tells you how healthy you ate last week in relation to other users. I only uploaded four meals, and it told me that I ate less healthy than 63% of users. To be fair, for three of the things I uploaded, I deserved that. But overall from looking at other people’s photos, it is really a place to upload pictures that say “Look at how healthy I’m being!” Which, who really needs?

So this week I will be trying an app called MyPlate Calorie Tracker, from Livestrong. It helps you keep track of how healthy your diet actually is.

I also danced this week! Not a lot, but twice, which is the weekly goal for the mission. Also, still significantly better than last week. I have discovered two times that I will do this too. The first is when washing dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher, so this is normally a very boring task,) and while in the shower because I’m one of those annoying shower singers when I’m home alone. Now, neither of these are places that I’m really going for it, so it’s probably not exactly a workout, but it is progress!

*Also, caution, do not attempt fancy footwork during either of these water-based activities, because slippery falls are definitely bad for your health.*

I also had thought that I would share some songs that are perfect for this mission, but as I have done it, I have realized that most of the best songs to dance to are ones that I’m ashamed to admit I enjoy. So suggestions are a work-in-progress.

I will note that, if you’re doing something like tracking your food everyday, you should definitely check-in to Rally everyday! I have been struggling to remember to do this, and you get points to put towards rewards every time you do!

Here’s my food tracking, and I would beg you to keep in mind that for a few days last week I couldn’t chew much more than pasta. And as a sidenote, and flimsy excuse, my candy intake changes in direct relation to Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday, and I can’t pass up tiny candy.

Monday (day 1 of dental work):
Cup of coffee with vanilla creamer
Cup of tea
Chocolate milkshake
Slice of bread with peanut butter
Mexican tortilla chicken soup

Tuesday (day 2 of dental work):
2 cans Coke
Cup of hot chocolate
2 Reese’s peanut butter cups
Mac and Cheese
Soft Pretzel

Cup of coffee
Frozen three cheese stuffed rigatoni with vegetables Lean Cuisine
Glass Iced Tea
Cup of tea
Cup of hot chocolate
2 little 3 Musketeer bars
Grilled mac and cheese (Yes, this is what it sounds like. Mac and cheese inside grilled cheese. Thank you Pinterest and the desperate tooth-induced desire for the feeling of solid foods. Also, this is one of the photos I was judged on, so I earned that.)
Glass of red wine (to class-up the sandwich, of course)
Graham cracker s’mores bar

Cup of coffee
Pepe Ham Jimmy John’s sandwich
Small bag of their plain chips
Cup of tea
One beer
Blueberry and hazelnut oatmeal

Cup of coffee
Frozen baked chicken and mashed potatoes Lean Cuisine
Can of Coke
Cup of tea
The end of my mac and cheese leftovers
2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Cup of coffee
2 scrambled eggs
2 pieces of toast
Glass of orange juice
1 Hostess snowball
Bowl of homemade pulled pork chili
2 small pieces of cornbread

Cup of coffee
Glass of orange juice
2 cinnamon rolls
Can of Coke
Bowl of chili
2 small pieces cornbread
1 Hostess snowball

Cup of coffee
Turkey and provolone sandwich
Roasted almonds
Cup of tea
Bowl of Ramen (I make Ramen very differently than you did in college. I use the noodles, and then I add whatever delicious I have on hand. This day, I added pulled pork, 1 egg, peas, carrots and feta with a mixture of pad thai and peanut sauce and fresh lime juice.)
Glass of red wine
Cinnamon roll

Cup of coffee
Frozen sweet and sour chicken Lean Cuisine
Cup of tea
Half a bottle of Coke
Graham cracker s’mores bar
BBQ pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato tortilla chips

As you can see, my diet regularly revolves around eating all my leftovers. And yes, I will be eating pulled pork all week, because that’s what you do when you’re single, 25, and make a whole crockpot of it.

For the 19-Day Arm Challenge followers:

For Days 11 and 12 on the beginner’s track, you will do:

16 Bicep Curls, Overhead Tricep Extensions, Lateral Shoulder Raises, Front Shoulder Raises, Bent Over Rows, Shoulder Presses, and 14 Push-Ups.

For Days 11 and 12 on the advanced track, you will do:

18 Bicep Curls, Overhead Tricep Extensions, Lateral Shoulder Raises, Front Shoulder Raises, Bent Over Rows, Shoulder Presses, and 14 Push-Ups.

For Day 13 on both tracks, you will rest.

Good luck in your own healthy decisions this week!