So a month later, let’s address Lolla. I may have dehydrated myself near to death Friday during Black Sabbath, but at least I was only like 10 rows away from the stage. I may have gotten drenched and broken my arm on Saturday, but at least I was only like 3 rows from Frank Ocean. And Sunday had Jack White, which is why I went.

There was mostly a lot of really amazing performances. Passion Pit, Florence, Metric, Miike Snow and Gaslight Anthem were all really impressive in that they all sounded exactly like they do on their albums. Alabama Shakes was sadly cancelled, and sadly I missed Gary Clark Jr. The only performance I was truly disappointed in was The Dum Dum Girls, who while cute, were truly awful in that none of them appeared to be doing much in playing their instruments, and if the singer was good, we had no idea because their sound levels were so off. At one point, she had them turn down her vocals even more, apparently in an attempt to make sure the audience wouldn’t know they had a singer at all. And I was two rows from the stage. Jack White blew my mind above all others, but it was a weekend packed with amazing performances, so I can’t even begin to consider describing it all. Instead, here are the songs that are still stuck in my head, a whole month later:

Frank Ocean’s best moment for me was American Wedding, first this is the original:


Then, this is what it sounded like when he did it live, without the Hotel California background. I honestly wish I could download this version I love it so much:


Halfway through his performance, Jack White switched from an all male band to an all female one, which made this song great, among many others (no idea who the kid dancing is, but it’s more interesting than looking at a pic of Jack White right?):


Twin Shadow performed right before Frank Ocean, and while they took forever to set up, they were well worth the wait. Their whole album is good, but there is something about this single that I can never get out of my head:


Moon Taxi was at a great time of day, on a shady stage. It was the perfect music to chill to, and I love this song still:


The Tallest Man on Earth played right after the pooring rain, and I just love him. He reminds me so much of Bob Dylan. Just him and a guitar on the stage is perfect:


JEFF the Brotherhood, one of my favorites to rock out to since Lolla:


And my favorite Metric performance of the day far and away: