So, while I’m moving and being the laziest job searcher in the world, I am spending my summer wasting money on drinks in warm beer gardens, cooking amazing food, and blaring music in my car.

I love driving, but I only love it alone. I love it when I get to blare my music, sing at the top of my lungs (a luxury not afforded by years of roommates in dorms and city thin-walled apartments,) and truly make the bass of my car bounce. Not to mention that as the coldest person I know and the biggest collector of dresses, that I get to roll down my windows, feel the wind in my hair and bask in sunshine.

Every summer when I return to my hometown and my loyal vehicle, I create an ever-evolving summer playlist that I adapt to fit my tastes from May til my fall transition. This year, you have already seen a lot of my music obsessions on this blog, but I have decided to share my current form of my playlist so you can also join in my summer mood.

First, you know of my absurd Maroon 5 obsession. Their last CD is far and away my favorite, but their new CD Overexposed is featured this summer. Their new single “One More Night” is extremely good, but the video makes me wonder whose baby Adam stole for it:


My favorite song is far and away “Lucky Strike.” It’s very danceable, and frankly sounds like Maroon 5 singing a song written by Ke$ha. The first four or five songs on the album are good, but then it kind of goes downhill. The ballad “Sad” is particularly bad. The rest of the lyrics are decent, but the chorus line “I’m so sad. Saaad.” makes me want to beg Levine for mercy. And I love him. Their cover of Prince’s “Kiss” as a bonus track is quite good, but overall the CD made me wish there was more of their old style and less dance pop.

Second, if I had to choose one album to be my summer soundtrack, Grouplove’s Never Trust A Happy Song would win hands down. Their single “Tongue Tied” is good, but every song on this album is fantastic. My particular favorites are “Chloe” and “Love Will Save Your Soul,” both perfect summer jams.


Now, for the rest in its current form, I will probably do them in multiple posts of 20 or so songs.

1. Gentlemen Hall “All Our Love”

2. Fun. “All the Pretty Girls” I love the Queen like harmonies of this CD. Very summery.

3. Donkeyboy “Ambitions”

4. Gaslight Anthem “American Slang”

5. Penguin Prison “Animal Animal”

6. Pitbull “Back in Time” I will not be able to control the urge to dance with any song that samples Dirty Dancing classics.

7. K’naan featuring Adam Levine “Bang Bang”

8. Katharine McPhee on the TV show SMASH covering “Beautiful”

9. Fun. “Benson Hedges”

10. Gentlemen Hall “Blush”

11. Jenna Marbles “Bounce That Dick” Too funny for words.


12. Gaslight Anthem “Boxer”

13. Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” I love this song. I don’t like Bieber, I don’t like most of his music. I love this song. I have listened to it like 100 times, I still love it. Never claimed perfect taste.

14. Gary Clark Jr. “Bright Lights”

15. Greg Laswell featuring Sara Bareilles “Come Back Down”

16. Band of Skulls “Death By Diamonds and Pearls”

17. Jessie J “Domino”

18. Katharine McPhee on SMASH “Don’t Forget Me”

19. Regina Spektor “Don’t Leave Me” My favorite song off her new album. Beautiful little song with French chorus lines and such a peppy, fun beat.

20. Bob Dylan “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”