I recently watched London Boulevard streaming on Netflix.

This movie had so much promise of everything I adore in a British crime movie. It was very in the spirit of Guy Ritchie, had a great cast with Colin Farrell, Kierra Knightly, David Thewlis, (Professor Lupin from Harry Potter,) Ray Winstone (from The Departed,) Anna Friel (from Pushing Daisies,) and Eddie Marsan (from Sherlock Holmes.) I was really hoping for some In Bruges greatness, (a perfect Colin Farrell British movie which is superb,) but it didn’t quite live up to that.

The plot was that Colin Farrell gets out of prison and while his criminal friend puts him up in a stolen apartment, he tries to go straight. This involves a security job for Kierra Knightly, a celebrity, and her friend Thewlis who is a druggie actor lacking morals who is honestly the best part of the movie. When the local mob boss tries to force him to be involved and kills his crazy sister, Friel, Colin goes all badass and kills all the gangsters.  This part of the movie is great, but in a side plot, a homeless man he is friends with is killed by two teens, probably with the switchblade Colin gave him. He finds out who did it, but can’t bring himself to kill the teen.

SPOILER! This movie isn’t getting a better review despite its great action, good dialogue and awesome music choices, because the end let it fall apart a bit. The boys stab him in the back as he’s leaving after successfully killing all the local mob, and he dies. I can handle you killing my main characters. I cannot handle you doing it imperfectly; they don’t even show that it was his own knife. Overall, a great movie just falls flat in the last 2 minutes and leaves you wanting a cleaner ending in the style of Ritchie.

Still, definitely worth the watch.