So, for those of you who watch The Voice with me, you already know all these things. So sorry.. I watch The Voice because I both love Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s bromance, and I do think that the show does a much better job of fostering real singing and musical talents than other music game/reality shows ever have. I mean, you can still see the disappointment on the coaches’ faces when they turn their chair for a great voice and don’t get the image they wanted, but nonetheless, there are some real talents on the show.

While the contestant Jamar that I kind of wanted to win was kicked off last night, at least he lost to this woman, Juliet Simms, who has had two of the best performances on the show. The first is her cover of The Police’s “Roxanne,” a song I have long loved:

Frankly, it is pretty close to being even with this version of “Roxanne,” which I’ve been obsessed with since I first saw it:

Let me just say before returning to the actual topic, Ewan McGregor, please sing more. Make a musical. Join a band. I don’t care. But that killer voice needs to be everywhere.

Juliet’s version of that is so good though. I definitely prefer it to the amazing original. There is something about her voice that is just so stunning to me though. She has that old school rough-gruff-grit in there that is such a huge part of what I love about classic rock. There’s real soul in that. Honestly, if I could pick any kind of singing voice, it would be hers. She also has a sense of rocker hippie style and a love of all things classic rock that just speaks to me.

Monday night, she performed “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” which truly stole the show. I again find this version better than the original, but I love when women cover this song because it just makes sense. And while she was beating out my favorite with it, I have to admit that I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since..