First of all, like 4 or 5 new big albums came out today, and I promise I will be reviewing this week, I just need some listening time to absorb. They will come. Instead today, this post has been brewing for awhile.

In high school, as I’ve mentioned before, I was a theatre kid. This usually means you’re also a chorus/choir kid so you can sing in musicals, as I was. Acting and singing were two of my three great passions in life, writing being the third. I’m a decent actress, I’m not a great singer. I wasn’t raised doing it and I don’t have the range or confidence you need to be a great stage singer. That being said, I can carry a tune, and I was a soprano. As a soprano, I can sing stupid high, but melodies sometimes elude me. I was always jealous of how altos weave in and out of songs creating these beautiful harmonious chords.

As an adult who chose the more practical path of writing, I no longer perform, but I still love to blare my stereo and belt it in my car (honestly, who doesn’t?) And one of my favorite things to do in that time is to practice how harmonies weave in and out. I will pick a voice and try to sing that one until I know their part, then I will switch voices until I know all the parts. These are some songs with harmonies that I love, old and new, that make me remember to think about the power of a beautifully sung chord and why I started connecting to music in the first place.

This first one is John Legend’s cover of “Rolling in the Deep.” Adele’s version is of course amazing, and I have loved her since 19 came out, but that single got so much air time that this cover was really refreshing to me, also because he turns into such a soulful male version of the song with a tinge of gospel. Love it.

This song is an oldie but goodie, long been my favorite Killers song. I love the whole thing, and this video, but the choral part with the female singers in that sort of musical break has always been what made this song to me. Beautiful group harmony moment.

This is a song from the bonus CD of the Foo Fighters In Your Honor.  It features Norah Jones and has one of the most beautiful harmonies I have ever heard, and Dave Grohl is just so different and subdued in a charming way on it.

And last but not least, (for the time being at least because I have hundreds of these,) my latest harmony obsession is “Come Away to the Water” by Maroon 5 for the Hunger Games Soundtrack. I love Maroon 5 to an unreasonable level, there’s another post in that, but this song is truly unique of them. It’s well balanced, it’s ethereal, and it has a calm yet eerie control I have never heard from them. It’s like they’re channeling an indie group, and I adore it.