So, this past fall I moved from Chicago to New York City to be an intern at Sports Illustrated magazine, part of my journalism degree program. It was the best experience of my life, but that first week at SI was pretty slow. During that time I read at least 10 magazines a day. This included every back SI issue in my cubicle, and a lot of other issues of Time products because they’re distributed throughout the building for free (awesome perk.) So this band I actually heard about from People magazine.  Which is frankly absurd.  I believe he’s from New York (frankly it is hard to find real information on him,) and they’re based there, so perhaps that’s why? But anyway this is Penguin Prison (and every time I read it I think, ohh a bird cage..) or Chris Glover.  His first real album came out sometime in October I believe, and the issue of People in September recommended I listen to his track “Fair Warning.” I youtubed it, watched it, THEN realized I couldn’t buy it for a month. It was a month that had me watching that video a lot. This is that video.

So I thought, this guy’s getting mentioned in People, this is going to TAKE OFF.  Sadly, I don’t think it has like I’d expected, thus this post.  This entire album is AMAZING.  I spent at least a week listening to JUST it after it hit iTunes, which is a big deal for my musical tastes. Literally every single song on this album is good. Now, when I got it, my “Fair Warning” obsession quickly went out the window as I heard this, the first number on the album, which now has this very awesome video (which makes me long to return to NYC so very badly..) But perhaps it’s just that I love a little gratuitous cursing; this is “Don’t Fuck With My Money.”

Neither of these is my favorite off the album though, “The Worse It Gets” blows me away almost every time I listen to it, it’s so damn groovy (not in a hippie way but in a I want to dance around in my underwear in my bedroom way.) Sadly, there isn’t a music video for it yet, and while you can find live versions of it, in which he sounds really good, they’re very poorly shot.

So, instead, to listen to my favorite, I will send you here. You can listen to all the tracks and buy them! This is one of those artists where I even further endorse, don’t try to download him illegally, really BUY him, because his music deserves the recognition especially because I want more of it! SUPPORT HIM. And I think that breaks my record far and away for most caps in a post, so I must really mean it.