OK Go has been one of my favorite bands since their first album was new and my hot ride was still a bright yellow school bus. I still remember seeing my friend with the library’s copy of their CD and that hippie-flowered cover with the outline of the car, a cover so simple I could design it as an adult. I remember sharing the headphones on her walkman to listen to that CD the first time.

No this is not just a story to remind me how old I am now, but a reminder of the places and spaces a band can take and occupy in your memory and heart. I will always remember what it felt like to be a twelve year old girl when I hear that album.

They had me as a fan from that first listen, and over the years they’ve made my love for them grow as they grew with me. They have always had a quirky independent sense of humor with their fabulous musical chops, best manifested by their music videos. So I have compiled a mix of their best music videos for those of you who never made it past the treadmills. They just might become your new favorite band too.

They got famous from this lovely video, a self-produced treadmill extravaganza that I’m sure you’ve witnessed if you live near the internet:

But that’s not the lead singer singing now is it? How did the bassist become the frontman? It was started on a bit they did on an asian tv show, and was further perpetuated by this video, my personal favorite, which turned into a contest in which viewers replicated their dance (these are also worth the watch as they get crazy; one group even does it blindfolded):

While every video of theirs is worth the watch, including Do What You Want, that very accurately predicts their future music video trends, and a Don’t Ask Me dance room of strangers photo booth-style are both worth the time, we are going to skip ahead past the treadmill greatness to this, the most stunning Rube Goldberg machine ever used as a music video:

And the cutest use of trained dogs:

To a human kaleidoscope:

To the best song ever made with a car, in a Superbowl commercial no less:

And my newest love, this beautifully color themed video for their song Skyscrapers:

As you can see, they have a great sense of humor about their careers, their music and themselves, and a whole lot of entertaining talent. As demonstrated in their spots on Sesame Street, and here with the Muppets:

Their videos are all great, and have held a special place in my heart and mind for the past decade. To this day, I still want to do that dance every time I hear A Million Ways. Thank you OK Go for always being uniquely you.

Now what are you doing? Why aren’t you stalking their Youtube and buying their albums now?! Ok, GO!