Before I moved, my mother very kindly gave me her old crock pot. My whole life my favorite meal has been cooked in this very crock pot, a rich heavy stew that will always be my favorite winter food. One day, I will share it too.

Today however, was an experiment. My friend had found a very simple chicken and sauce recipe you make in the crockpot to serve over pasta, and I took it and made it a little more me.

I put one package of skinless boneless chicken breasts, cleaned up, into the bottom of my crock pot. Then I poured half a package of that italian dressing seasoning packet stuff on top of them.

In a small saucepan, I mixed together a room temperature brick of cream cheese with one can of cream of chicken soup and about 1/3 a can of chicken broth and the rest of the seasoning packet.  Then I poured it over the chicken breasts and put it on low and went to school. When I went to pull the chicken out to cut it up tonight when I got back, probably 5 hours later, it fell apart in my tongs, so I just shredded it with them.

Then I added my vegetables, peas and carrots, and let that cook for about a half hour while I cooked up some bowtie pasta to serve it over.  The vegetables significantly thickened it, so I added another 1/3 a can of broth or so. In general, the vegetables really thickened it up, so it became a bit like hot chicken salad, but it is delicious, especially over pasta.

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