One of my favorite things to make is stir fry, and as my mother recently gave me her wok, I couldn’t resist this being my second major kitchen endeavor.

As I am lazy, I always buy one of those handy seasoning packets to make my sauce, you just follow the directions on it to make it.

I take one package of chicken, cut it into bite size pieces and then cook til turning white on the outside. Then I add a sliced red bell pepper, and let it all continue to cook until the chicken is rather brown on the outside and the peppers have sort of wilted down. Then I add shredded carrots, (unfortunately this time I couldn’t find any shredded carrots at the store, so I had to shred my own. This greatly takes away from the great color and makes the sauce look a little weirdly thick, but it’s just carrots I swear!) and the mixed sauce, letting it cook and thicken for a few minutes.

Then I add frozen peas and a few spoonfuls of canned crushed pineapple: I know this sounds weird, but a little of its liquid sweetens and thickens the sauce, and most people don’t even know it is in there except for a slight sweetness. (I’ve also used fresh green beans, also a great choice.) Let it cook for another minute til the peas are just thawed, and serve over white or brown rice.

And as I really love cream cheese wontons and couldn’t find any frozen ones or wonton wrappers, I also improvised a little something for the side. I used crescent roll dough, filled each triangle with a spoonful of cream cheese, squished the sides all up on top and baked on 375. I dipped them in a little bit of soy sauce, and they turned out pretty tasty.  I think they might be good with jam for breakfast too..

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