Let me preface this post by saying that for the rest of it, I will probably be spelling theaters as theatres — this is a theatre kid-ism I developed from my high school musical theatre days. People dislike it, it comes off weirdly British in spelling, but I really can’t help it… So deal.

Now to the design: one of my good friends is currently taking an advertising class for her business degree over the summer, and she recently had a project for the class where she designed a business plan for something in Champaign. She choose to develop a theatre company that could bring two theatrical experiences to Champaign that we are currently lacking, the drive-in and the 4-D theatre (which is like those movie theatres at amusement parks that rain on you or blow wind at you or your chair shakes, or as I’ve discovered in some minor research, they can create the smells of the places the characters are in!  Crazy..)

I think the drive-in could be particularly popular here, but perhaps I’m biased because I LOVE drive-ins. (As a side note, I saw Wall-e at a drive-in under the stars with hotdogs, and it was one of the best dates I’ve ever had. See men, we really aren’t that hard to please!) One aspect of this project was she needed an example of something that could work in her ad campaign, and enlisted me to design a coming attraction ad for her company. This is the result:

This is by far not my most sophisticated piece, but I was going for something largely black and white that could be easily printed in a newspaper or as part of a flier campaign. It was interesting in that my original vision of a field of cars was far harder to achieve than I had anticipated.

I figured I could pull pictures of cars offline, cut them out, turn them into a black silhouette, and then simply arrange a field of cars, trucks and vans, far more realistic than the above result.  What I discovered was that finding cars at an angle that made the above kind of fading in graphic possible was exceedingly difficult, so I ended up building my own car.

It is a little boxy for me, but I am still learning Illustrator in particular right now, so the challenge and experimentation was fun. The other interesting aspect of this was the drop shadows, which I’m still learning to use and struggled with more than the car. It was worthwhile however because I’m beginning to grasp the power of Adobe’s effects.  Ironically, we came up with the name after I’d built my night sky, so the whole thing became oddly appropriate..