As a follow-up to my previous post, Young Blood’s label has evolved one step further. Throwing out the purely red, black and white color scheme he requested, we’ve taken it a step further, and changed the blood splatter’s color to suit the flavor. His original flavor, cherry, will maintain the largely original label, with a few minor alterations:

From there, I either choose colors on my palate in photoshop that were the color I wanted, or more often than not I used Adobe’s Kuler website, which is literally the most useful design website on the internet for me, and uploaded pictures of the actual different fruits. Kuler than pulls a color palate from the photo, and you can save it and upload it onto your design programs. Voila, all the colors or a raspberry!

Then it was a simple matter of choosing a different splatter brush or combination of a few to make a unique and fruity label. Here are my favorites out of 20 or so flavor labels I made him, and the flavors he’s currently brewing, which are blueberry, jalapeno, apple and strawberry-kiwi. Coconut, the first label was my challenge, largely because white logo words on white blood splatters is actually pretty difficult…  Also, if you’re interested in trying some seriously delicious flavored grain alcohol, (which is essentially Everclear,) let me know! Savor and enjoy!

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