I’m terribly lazy about blogging, buuuut I really need to do it both to get my designs and writing out there and also just to keep myself in the habit of writing.

So this past year, I took a magazine design class that advanced my love of graphic design. I’m by no means an expert, but I just got a new mac and upgraded my design software, so this summer is dedicated to my learning all the new and awesome features on it, so as I work along on projects and some little things like a logo for a friend, (more to come on that as it progresses,) I will be updating here.

In the meantime, this is a cover and spread I did on one of my favorite bands Arcade Fire.

I love them and lusted after them when they performed at UIC’s Pavilion across the street from my apartment, which I’m too poor to afford. And just after they won their big Grammy, we each had to create our own magazine, with a mission statement and audience, and I choose to feature them on the cover of my imaginary perfect music magazine, Pulse. If only you were real…

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